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Our Program For Assisted Living In Spring, TX

Holistic Care

At Grace Family Care, we strive to create an engaging and active environment for senior citizens. Our staff focuses on a holistic mode of care that coordinates healthcare and medication needs with mental and emotional health to provide and comfortable environment. We emphasize community and collaboration in our facilities, so everyone feels at home. When it comes to assisted living in Spring, TX, we should be your first choice.

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24/7 Assistance

Each of our staff members has training in emergency care and medication supervision. Our staff can provide 24/7 assistance whenever our residents need it. While most seniors are capable of living independently, there are always staff members on hand for assistance or in case of emergencies. Our staff has the training to provide an extremely high standard of elder care that meets individual residents’ needs.


Our housekeeping and maintenance services keep residents’ rooms and living quarters clean so they do not have to worry about housekeeping tasks in their daily routine. We offer private apartments for our residents so they can live independently while maintaining community connections. Our housekeeping staff focuses on maintaining cleanliness, so residents can focus on themselves and doing things they enjoy.

Safety And Security

Our facilities contain state-of-the-art certified fire alarms, sprinklers, and security systems to maintain a secure environment for residents. Family members can rest assured knowing their loved ones are safe with modern security systems and protection. All staff members pass through extensive background checks to ensure competence and suitability for the job. We hold our employees to a high standard so they can

Food And Snacks

Seniors living in our facilities receive three nutritious meals per day in addition to snacks available at any time. Our menus consist of varied, diverse cuisine and take into account ideas and recipes from different residents. We design balanced meals that take inspiration from different culinary styles. We encourage residents in our facilities to eat in our dining room

Wellness Assessments

We also provide regular wellness assessments to ensure our residents feel happy and fulfilled with their care and comfort. Licenses and trained nurses administer all wellness exams and assessments. Wellness exams are critical for us to assess our performance and use that feedback to create a more positive and holistic environment.

Nursing Care

We understand the importance of providing top-quality care. Our trained nursing staff has all the relevant qualifications and on-the-job training to provide care for residents when necessary. We also have a registered nurse on call at all times. Families can count on our reliable nursing home experts to provide top-quality care. Families can count on our reliable nursing home experts to

Visiting Physician

In addition to our highly trained medical staff, we also have a visiting physician on-site to provide additional medical care for residents. Our physicians can work with existing primary care physicians to provide individualized care for each resident. On-site physicians can provide routine and emergency medical care.

Memory Care

Seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia might have trouble with memory and performing daily tasks. Our memory care services offer a structured environment for seniors with memory problems so they can stay alert and active. Residents with memory loss can enjoy their time engaging with others in a social environment.

Medication Management

Senior residents might have several medications that they have difficulty managing. We offer medication management services, including reminders and supervision. Our staff pharmacist handles all medications to ensure proper dosages and assess the risk of medication interaction. We can create individualized treatment plans and monitor the


We provide full laundry services, including clothing, bedding, towels, etc. Residents have access to laundry facilities whenever they need them and can also have our staff provide laundry and linen services.

Pharmacy Service

Many of our residents require continual medication, so we work with local pharmacy delivery services to provide for seniors. We take care of filling prescriptions, picking up medication, and medication management.

Respite Care

In cases when older adults need a temporary stay, we offer short-term respite care. Respite care is an option when seniors are recovering from a recent surgery or illness or when primary caregivers will be out of town will be out

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Testimonials from Happy Guests

" The words ‘THANK YOU’ seem so insufficient to express our deep gratitude for all you have done to our mother over the past couple of years. "

- Ann Fortes

" We sincerely appreciate the loving care you provided to our mother in her last years, weeks, and days. And, for helping us get through this difficult time.”

- Kathy Collier

" I’d like to thank you and the Grace Memory Care staff for the wonderful care you extended to my mom. You treated her like a true family member. You have a home-like setting, and all the clients are so well cared for as part of the family. Your home is spotlessly clean, the food was prepared with individual needs, and the clients are so happy. My mom was very happy and comfortable. Your staff is extremely attentive to each client, physically, emotionally and mentally, and that is so important. There was never a time I ever worried about her. And when I was there, you treated me as part of the family. I honestly can’t thank you enough for making the last phase of her life exceptionally dignified and special! ”

  • - Lynette Acosta

" For our family, Grace Memory Care was God-ordained. My parents lived out their final years with excellent care in an environment of comfort, respect and love. Additionally, the staff regularly extended themselves beyond expectations by including the family into the same environment; sharing stories of their own connections with my parents, confirming to me they were getting total care, physically, socially and emotionally. The total experience has been one of inclusion, becoming one big family instead of allowing the aging process to have isolated them apart from us. It is obvious that Grace is not just a business, it is their calling.

Their actions are far bigger than my words.

  • - Ann Fontes

Grace is aptly named grace, as Annie and her staff showed unmerited favor for Bill.
He was welcomed into the family but treated better than one treats family–rather, as an honored guest.
The staff anticipated his wishes and aimed to please him.

Two facts bear highlighting:

1) Bill fell at home on a routine basis prior to placement.
During the two years at Grace, he had no falls.
That is a testament to their attentiveness.

"2) Bill liked his embellishments–especially his large pieces of jewelry, which the staff tried to convince him to relinquish to no avail. After yet another incident of a ring slipping off of his finger, we were called to retrieve it immediately so that our daughter/granddaughter would have tangible reminders of her “Gray Dad.” Their honesty was above reproach. Bill is now in heaven, still directing the staff of Grace. Since his passing, two friends have likewise entrusted their parents to Annie’s care and have good memories of their later years rather than regrets of what might have been. ”

  • - Sue (wife) and Sheri (adult daughter)

" Selecting care for an aging parent is one of the final decisions an offspring can make to honor the life and dignity of a dear loved one. What a monumental decision! And sometimes you find caregivers that aren’t working. That’s what happened to me as my Mom spiraled deeper into Alzheimer’s. But I eventually found Annie and Ovi Cotrau and their business, Grace Memory Care. It was heaven on earth for my Mom and me! Their tender approach and professionalism took the weight of my Mother’s disease off my shoulders.

I am Vickie Huckabay, and I lost my precious Mother to Alzheimer’s in March 2016. I was her only surviving child and being widowed, all decisions regarding her care were entirely up to me. Annie was such an ally for me as Mom’s condition worsened. It’s so hard to watch, and frightening too. Are we doing EVERYTHING that we can for her? Should we try this or that? All these swirling questions sent me in a panic to Annie many times. She always listened, never judging me, explaining the medical reasons behind Mother’s care.

Free and open communication is so important in this situation because I had no medical background. Mom was incontinent, often angry, unable to communicate verbally, unable to sit up without pillows all round her, couldn’t walk, couldn’t feed herself, couldn’t roll over in bed. She was so vulnerable! I needed to be able to question Annie and the other caregivers freely about Mom’s care, and I did again and again. No one took my persistence as an accusation, and I was always calmer once I had more information.

Memory loss is such a personal journey, and my experience with Mom will not likely mirror anyone else’s. At Grace Memory, the clients are recognized as unique individuals. The caregivers tailor their work to giving to each patient what he or she needs, which is different for each person.

The families were always welcomed there. I usually visited Mom during lunch and food was offered to me so many times. Conversation was always upbeat and positive as the caregivers served a meal. I could ask for a movie on their big screen if I needed distraction. I really felt at home! I could relax sitting next to Mom. Annie and her staff took care of me and much as they took care of my Mom.

The list of excellence goes on and on. Here’s a partial list:

There is no “old folks smell.” Never! The staff observe the clients so closely that accidents or diaper changes are tended to immediately. Mother was incontinent during her four-year stay there and never had a bed sore. I am extremely thankful that she was spared that misery and I owe it all to the excellent, hard-working staff at Grace.

Annie reports every bump, bruise, cut, cough, etc. immediately to the family via text and how she will treat it. I could call her straightaway if I had questions. This really helped me schedule my visits to Mom. I own a business and life gets really busy, but if Mom developed a cold I could always juggle my work so that I could check in on her.

I never saw a client at Grace that was unkempt. Everyone’s needs were met immediately.

The caregivers are great cooks! Annie and Ovi have a garden and many times there were fresh fruits and vegetables. Birthdays always mean a lovely cake!

There is genuine love and concern for the clients at Grace. When the inevitable death happened, I knew it was hard for the caregivers, although they were not in the habit of sharing their problems. Always smiling, always pleasant, always caring is their habit.

Mom was on hospice which meant caregivers outside of Grace came to bathe her and a hospice nurse evaluated her. Annie made it her business to observe any caregiver that she did not hire to make certain that caregiver operated up to the standards of Grace Memory Care. What a relief!

The renovated home that serves the clients of Grace Memory Care is always spic-and-span. It is a most pleasant and comfortable space for both the clients and the visiting families. The lovely backyard beckons in good weather to walk a bit and get your mind off your problems.

If you are reading this, you are likely very concerned about the health of a loved one and the inevitable decisions you must make. I can say to you that Annie Cotrau will be your angel on earth, and you should call her immediately. Even if she does not have an opening, I know that she will take time with you and give you suggestions on where you should turn.

– Vickie Huckabay

" We had the most wonderful experience at Woodside place assisted living! My grandmother was in their care for the last few months of her life. The owner and her staff are incredible! They took care of my grandmother like she was their own. They work extremely hard to make everyone as comfortable as possible and the home is always in spotless condition! Thank you to Toyin and the entire staff who served my grandmother well! Thankful for this place! "

- Evan Thompson

'' I would give 10 stars if I could ! This
is an absolutely wonderful place for your loved one to be cared for . Toyin and her team of precious ladies bend over backwards to provide a happy, healthy , safe and impeccably clean home . My mother in law has been loved and cared for here for months . I highly - highly recommend Woodside Place . "

- Gennie Noe

" My mother who was dealing with Alzheimer’s stayed here for almost a year. It was such a huge blessing to my mom, to me, and to my family and friends. They took exceptional care of my mother. My mother had previously been in a couple of large institutions. Woodside was a remarkably better experience. I would highly recommend Woodside to anyone. They showed exceptional care and love for my mom as well as a strong professionalism. It’s hard to care for our aging / dying parents, but I’m so grateful that Woodside was there for us. They changed the experience for us, and I’ll forever be thankful "

- toney upton

" My mother currently resides at Woodside Place and is very content! Every time I stop by, she is happy! She is quite social so to meet her needs, she is often in the kitchen with the ladies that care for her. It is always clean and tidy there as well. The ladies are kind and friendly. Toyin, the owner, is knowledgeable and complies with all health requirements which is refreshing to see. She also truly cares about the people living at Woodside Place! "

- Juliane Gresens

Assisted Living Near Me

Grace Family Care dedicates itself to providing a flourishing senior living community for our residents so they can live independently and with dignity. The core value of compassion influences the care we provide. We want our residents to feel like they are part of a family and live in the comfort of a home.

If you want to explore options for assisted living in Spring, TX, contact us online or call today at ((832)938-4232) to schedule an appointment! Our friendly staff can answer any questions you may have about assisted living and if it’s right for you or your loved one.

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